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Kattakkada – Old Age Home and the community schemes

Peter(leader for all the schemes in this area)and I are in regular contact and he has been telling me that the ‘district nursing service’ is running well and making real … Continue reading


Newsletters for March 2014 and October 2014

In February we visited the villages and the projects that are supported by grants from Kerala Partnership (K.P.); it has been through the generosity of supporters here in UK that … Continue reading


Newsletter for November to early December 2014

There were nineteen residents most of whom we had met before but it was sad to learn that Matthew (deaf and dumb fellow) had died a few weeks earlier. He had … Continue reading


Newsletters for July 2015 and August 2015

Dear friends and supporters, in this newsletter we have set out some reports from the volunteer ‘leaders’ on how the 2014 projects have been going along and we have listed … Continue reading

About Us

Kerala partnership is registered with the Charity Commission under a trust deed registration number 1088159. An annual visit is made by trustees to gain first hand experience of the work that is being carried out, verify the proper use of the funds and meet with partners to consider ideas for new projects or expansion of existing work. The charitable funds raised are modest, in the region of £10 – 12,000 per annum on average and to make the best use of this money KP usually only contributes part of the finance for a project, provides initial set up costs or supplements local fund raising.

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Latest News

26 October 2016

October 25th, 2016 – news about the ‘workers co-operative’ project.

In the previous news report dated September 20th, there was reference to a special collection made by the parishioners of Our Lady and St Kenelm’s Church, Halesowen, West Midlands and … Continue reading

Meeting People
Meeting People

Kerala Partnership is a direct action charity which forges links & partnerships with groups & individuals, in the state of Kerala, South India. Through those partnerships it seeks to lend a helping hand to people who are striving to make positive change for individuals, families & village communities.

Meeting Needs
Meeting Needs

The charity works on a relatively small scale both in its fundraising in the UK and in supporting projects in Kerala. The spirit of the work is based around personal contact, meeting and understanding the issues that are important to our friends in Kerala and explaining those needs to supporters in the UK.

Making a Difference
Making a Difference

Although small scale, the direct nature of the Partnership enables the funds to be directed in ways to make a real difference to people’s lives and by working with and through groups and individuals in Kerala valuable experiences and friendships are gained on both sides.


We invite supporters to comment on the work being undertaken.


We invite supporters to comment on the work being undertaken.


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