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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdonation01If you are interested in supporting Kerala Partnership after reading the information on this website we would be pleased to talk to you about ways you might help.Please contact us if you wish to know more about how to make a donation.
Help doesn’t just mean money – although of course that is very important.
You could tell others about KP and direct them to this website, you could suggest that your church or school hold a fundraising or sponsorship event or you could simply, but most importantly pray for us, and become partners in prayer.

‘Thank you for looking at the website, we hope you have found it of interest. You can donate by contacting us using the UK details below – either telephone or email or postal mail. Thank you.’


Contact Us

Chairman D.Clarke 36 Greenbush Drive, West Midlands,B 63 3TL Phone: (0044) (0) 7939 037339 Email :

Indian Co-ordinator D.A.RAJAN Mob:+91-94008 92266