May 9th, 2016

This is the first entry in ‘latest news’ since the new version of the website was launched a few weeks ago.

I have set out below a range of news items for your interest and my plan is to post news every few weeks.

  1. More information on items mentioned on the ‘current projects’ page (see the tab above to find out about the schemes that our generous sponsors have enabled for 2016 / 2017): First, I said that photos of the PAKAL VEEDU (old persons’ day centre) would be posted; this has been done. Please see the ‘photo gallery’. secondly, see the 2016 photo gallery for the OLD AGE HOME. Second, I said I will post a few ‘pen portraits’ of some of the pensioners (there are a total of 60): these will come in a future posting.
  2. Old Age Home (in Kattakada): Water pump! The pump failed a couple of weeks ago having given good service since 2004. It lifts water from a nearby well to the roof-top tank. the failure meant that Peter (who runs the home) and a few of the more able residents were having to draw water from the well using buckets, and then carry these to the home and up to the roof. Not good in the current hot season and not a sustainable situation. Jane ‘found’ £95 / 100 to pay for a new pump as the old one was looked at and assessed to be beyond economic repair.
  3. Old Age Home; urgent treatments agreed for two of the lady-residents. Two ladies have been living with cataracts for some time and this has been limiting their activities (especially for Sarojini who has lost part of her leg also). Peter arranged for a specialist from a private hospital to visit and assess the condition of each lady. The specialist said that operations were now called for and after some discussion with peter there was an agreement that the hospital and surgical team would carry out ‘two for the price of one’ as the home is a charitable institution and is not not ‘wealthy’. total cost to the hospital would be about £200, instead £400, and Peter also needed to find another £50 for allied expenses**. Peter made contact with me and asked if KP could contribute toward the costs. After talking it seemed Peter had already raised about £120 locally and was confident he could raise the ‘allied expenses’ sum of £50 also from some local business people. I agreed to find the balance of £80 and so promptly transferred this sum so there would not be any delays and problems in payment to the hospital, given its good approach to pricing the treatments. again, another unplanned bit of spending, but an ‘essential’ one as the quality of the two ladies lives has been improved. I have attached some photos of the ladies!
  4. Fund raising for the old Age Home: in ‘current projects’ you will read about the difficult financial situation the home is in at present. I have been talking with Peter about this and have asked that he and his fellow Trustees of DMC Trust look at a few ideas and talk more – I will report how this is going in a future post.

Please note that each ‘latest news’ posting is automatically moved to the ‘detailed and previous reports page / section when a new posting is made. Please also remember that we have built into the site some opportunities for you to feed-back to us your thoughts; see the sections ‘Testimonial’ and ‘get in touch’.

Thanks for all the financial support and general encouragement.

David (Clarke)

Chairman of Trustees.

** ‘Bystanders’ had to be provided  – one for each lady round-the-clock. This is conventional for in-patient care; the bystander has to ‘look after’ the patient in terms of their personal care and attention. Also, the cost of food to be purchased and taken for the patient had to be funded; the bystander will help the patient to eat if required.

From left to right: Ammukutty before and after the operation, in the hospital.      Sarojini (look at the size of the dressing!).      Bandages off, glasses on!


Ammukutty - pre-op in the hospitalAmmukutty - post-op in the hospital

Bandages off - glasses on!Sarojini - this is the lady who has lost part of her leg.....could there have been a bigger adhesive dressing!

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