Newsletter for November to early December 2014

There were nineteen residents most of whom we had met before but it was sad to learn that Matthew (deaf and dumb fellow) had died a few weeks earlier. He had fallen ill with a fever, got worse despite hospital care, and passed away. We were a bit confused when told he had been given an ‘electric funeral’, but then understood that means cremation in a city crematorium (rather than being burned outside by means of wood). Peter and the volunteers at the Home made all the arrangements and attended. A few days before our arrival a new person had taken up residence; Peter had received a call from the City Police to say a man had been found wandering with no means of support and in a poor state. It seemed he had been living on the city streets and the surrounding areas for a long time, but his overall condition was such that he was close to collapse. Peter went to his aid and the fellow is now a ‘resident’ for as long as he wishes. We reported before about the funding by KP of a small building extension (a ‘special care’ room). This is complete and clearly is a good asset; it is simply equipped and kept clean. The main purpose of it is to accommodate the very sick and elderly who have become doubly incontinent; it is a better arrangement to care for them in this new area than in the general dormitories used by the other residents. The area is attached to the main building but has ‘open aspects’ on three sides so it is not dark and it is well ventilated.

Newsletter for the December 2014 visit

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